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About Superior Services & Supply

Superior was born in 2018 when the owner saw a drastic need for a balanced contractor capable of handling multiple facets of the Water/Wastewater industry. Originating as a Water Tower Contractor our owner had a multitude of capabilities not being used. He decided to put these skills to work. Superior exploded into new markets such as aviation, medical, telecom and general trades. Through years of work, Josh has built a reputation for being able to think on his feet and provide plausible solutions to complex problems. Today Superior continues seeing growth as our team continues to expand, learn and strive to serve our clients. Our goal is to form a lasting relationship with our clients, as we feel this leads to better end results. 

Superior is dedicated to providing quality construction, technical and management services to our customers. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfill this mission, we will treat all employees fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and cost effective work.

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